February's Theme Topic is: Ahimsa

    Last updated on 24 Jan 2023, 8:36pm1 min read

    Ahimsa: means non-violence or non-harming & is the Themed Topic for February.

    February is the month of love so it only seems appropriate to make the first Yama of The Yog Sutras: Ahimsa, the themed topic for this month.

    In this month's newsletter learn what Ahimsa means in both ancient terms and modern ones. This will include a brief introduction to Patanjali's The Yoga Sutras and his Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy. You will also learn about the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, its meaning, and its use. We will discuss Metta meditation and will include a highlight of a heart-opening yoga pose appropriate for everyone as well. Plus we will include information about the heart chakra and more!

    Our Monthly video will be a 2 part video. It will include a Metta meditation practice as well as a short heart-opening yoga practice.

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