January's theme is Ayurveda!

    Last updated on 13 Jan 2023, 4:53pm1 min read

    Every month there will be a different theme or topic to be discussed in our exclusive content newsletter. For those that subscribe to the newsletter plus video, the video will also correspond to the monthly theme.

    January's theme is Ayurveda! in this month's newsletter subscribers will receive exclusive information about yoga's sister science, its principles, and practices. Some dinacharya (daily routine practices) benefit all body constitutions. Included will be a dosha quiz for subscribers to discover what their body constitution is.

    Subscribers of the newsletter PLUS video will receive exclusive access to the recording of the January 16th Ayurveda 101 workshop.

    Individuals can also subscribe to the private 1:1 monthly Ayurveda/Yoga Consultation sessions with Nicole. This will provide personal and individual and practical support that will include not only exploring your constitution but also discovering your imbalance as well. Using yoga, meditation, pranayama, lifestyle focus, Ayurveda home remedies, and other wellness principles and Ayurveda practices.